Wall Lamps

Micron wall lamps propose shapes colors and designs for every need. NewMox a unique design that recalls a three-lobed leaf and can be rotated 360 °, Attik is rotatable to 160 °, Mojito to 30 °.   Micron wall sconces are available either energy saving or high performance LEDS.

wall lamp

Charlie LED M5340

Blown Glass lamp with LED

The ceiling lamp Charlie diameter of 45 cm in the LED version has a power output of 18W and develops 1,620 lumens. It has an IP 44 that makes this lamp ideal for use in the bathroom or in a spa. This LED ceiling lamp is in blown glass milk white.  The frame finish of this ceiling lamp is available in two colors: chrome or shiny gold.

Dimensioni Lampadina Finitura diffusore Finitura montatura