Hanging lamps

Hanging Lamps

Micron suspension lamps stand out for exquisite style merging Italian design and quality of details. Micron’s latest hanging lamp collection range from Capri blown glass design to NewMox strong personality and Swing soft curves and the original wave concept of Volo.

LED pendant lamp
LED pendant lamp
LED pendant lamp

Volo A LED M6622

LED hanging lamp with 2 lights

Hanging luminaire with two waves of light inspired by wings of seagulls in flight. VOLO A, unique design where two waves of light ride the wings of seagulls in flight that that change with the observer point of view. VOLO curves create a high suggestive light profile performing 48 Watts and 4000 Lumen. VOLO A double wave pendant light comes with a maximum hanging height of 160 cm. VOLO diffuser is a white striped graphic pattern on matt acrylic that enhances the original visual effect of Micron VOLO led pendant fixture. Ceiling lamp Volo A is available in white painted aluminium or anodized brushed nickel. Maximum flexibility in the regulation of cable lengths makes Volo a ceiling lamp or a suspension lamp, according to your needs.

Dimensioni Lampadina Finitura montatura