Hanging lamps

Hanging Lamps

Micron suspension lamps stand out for exquisite style merging Italian design and quality of details. Micron’s latest hanging lamp collection range from Capri blown glass design to NewMox strong personality and Swing soft curves and the original wave concept of Volo.

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Lampadari a Sospensione

Attik LED M4908 - M4909

LED suspension lamp with 1 light

Attik LED M4928 - M4929

Attik suspension lamp with diffuser in aluminium or glass

Attik M4906 - M4907

Suspension lamp with shade in aluminium or glass

Attik M4926 - M4927

Hanging lamp with diffuser in aluminium or glass

Capri LED M6000

Hanging lamp with LED source

Capri LED M6001

Hanging lamp with LED lights

Capri LED M6002

Suspension lamp with LED light, 36,5cm diameter

Capri LED M6003

Suspension lamp with 3 LED lights

Charlie suspension lamp

Suspension lamp with 3 lights E27 for 42W or LED

Mama M6145

Mama hanging lamp Ø45cm

Mama M6160

Mama hanging lamp Ø60cm

Mama M6170

Mama hanging lamp Ø70cm

Milady hanging lamp 1 ring

Milady hanging lamp 1 ring 88 crystals

Milady hanging lamp 2 rings 176 crystals

Milady hanging lamp 2 rings 176 crystals

NewMox LED M4032

Recessed suspension with LED lights

NewMox LED M4033

Hanging lamp with 3 LED lights

NewMox M4037 - M4038 - M4039

Hanging lamp with 2 LED adjustable lights

Queen M4210

Queen hanging lamp Ø44cm

Queen M6210

Queen hanging lamp Ø60cm

Queen M6215

Queen hanging lamp M6215

Swing LED M4622 - M4632

Suspension lamp with LED lights

Swing LED M4633 - M4634

Suspension LED lamp with 3 lights

Volo A LED M6622

LED pendant lamp Volo A led with 2 lights of 24W

Volo A LED M6623 - M6624

Volo A led pendant lamp with 3 lights of 24W

Volo A M6620

Micron Volo A M6620 LED hanging lamp with 1 indirect light

Volo A M6621

Pendant lamp with 1 LED light


Volo Duet M5611

Volo Duet hanging lamp LED M5611


Volo Duet suspension lamp

Volo Duet LED hanging lamp

Volo Long M4630

Volo Long suspension 125cm 2 waves LED

Volo Long M4635

Swing Long S suspension 155cm LED 3 waves

Volo Long M4636

Volo Long Led suspension 155cm 3 waves

Volo M5620

LED pendant lamp 1 indirect light.

Volo S LED M5622

Volo S, 2 lights LED ceiling luminaire

Volo S M5621

Volo S, 1 light LED suspended lamp

Volo S M5623 - M5624

Volo S triple wave, 3 lights LED suspended luminaire

Volo X M6815 - M6817

VOLO X. Design LED suspension lamp