Ceiling lamps

Micron Ceiling lamps are designed to meet all the different needs. Micron ceiling lamps range from clear blown glass to painted aluminum. Charlie and Loop present special color schemes. Micron lighting fixtures are fitted for energy-saving bulbs or LED sources tech out of this generation.

plafoniera led 3 luci Volo

Ceiling lamp LED M4622 - M4632

LED ceiling lamp with 2 lights

SWING ceiling led lamps catch the eyes thanks to its soft lines and smooth curves that create an alluring imaginary wave effect where ever placed either in the comfort of your home or a busy office space. The soft but powerful led light shines brightly from all angles due to the dynamic wave design. SWING diffuser is a white striped graphic pattern on matt acrylic that enhances the original visual effect of Micron SWING led pendant fixture. SWING was inspired by the magical city of Venice with its different colours seen from the water reflected in the early morning sunrise. For many of you who like to surf the waves of life Swing Micron definitely is the light for you. Maximum flexibility in the regulation of cable lengths makes Swing a ceiling lamp or a suspension, according to your needs. SWING Led suspension and ceiling lamp with two lights are available with both the lights down (M4622) or with one light upward and the other one downwards (M4632).

Dimensioni Lampadina Finitura montatura