Ceiling lamps

Micron Ceiling lamps are designed to meet all the different needs. Micron ceiling lamps range from clear blown glass to painted aluminum. Charlie and Loop present special color schemes. Micron lighting fixtures are fitted for energy-saving bulbs or LED sources tech out of this generation.

ceiling lamp 2 lights

Ceiling lamp Volo LED M5622


2 lights LED ceiling lamp



One meter of double parallel soft curves with downward facing LED that appears to float in space creating a bright and suggestive light effect. Volo luminaire has a maximum hanging height of 160 cm, two LED lights of 24W developing 4000 lumens. Volo double wave suspended lamp is available in white painted aluminum or anodized brushed nickel. VOLO diffuser is a white striped graphic pattern on matt acrylic that enhances the original visual effect of Micron VOLO led pendant fixture. Maximum flexibility in the regulation of cable lengths makes Volo a ceiling lamp or a suspension lamp, according to your needs.

Dimensioni Lampadina Finitura montatura